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REP Industrial Materials Ltd

Polyurethane Rubber (slow)

Toy Safe REP Industrial Materials Limited’s range of resins are all Mercury & Phthalates free so they are Toy Safe.
Flexible All resins are able to be cast in the thinnest sections as as they have a built in flexibility to prevent breakage.
Demould Time We have produced a range of resins with varying working and set times; from 45 mins up to 68 mins.
Working Times The working times are based on 100-200 gram mixes. All our resins are 1:1 parts by weight.   More...

Polyurethane Rubber (slow)

REP Industrial Materials Ltd

REP-Flex 20 Slow
Shore A: 20A 
Gel Time: 50 mins 

REP-Flex 30 Slow
Shore A: 30A 
Gel Time: 50 mins

REP-Flex 40 Slow
Shore A: 40A
Gel Time: 50 mins

REP-Flex 50 Slow
Shore A: 50A
Gel Time: 50 mins

REP-Flex 60 Slow
Shore A: 60A
Gel Time: 50 mins


Product Quality

REP Industrial Materials Limited have an extremely durable range of polyurethane rubbers with high flexural strength.

Operating Times

We produce a fast and slow version of each grade. Our ‘fast’ range of urethane rubbers are ideal for rapid moulding or the manufacture of small components parts as they cure in a few hours. Because of the properties of our urethanes, they are used in the casting of concrete and plaster products.

Gel Times

We developed a range of rubber with a longer gel time, allowing time to vacuum the rubber and pouring of much larger moulds, which may require several batches of rubber to be mixed to fill a cavity. A longer working time reduces the possibility of de-lamination between multiple layer pouring.

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