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Clear Casting Resin

Flexible REP Industrial Materials Limited have an extremely durable range of polyurethane rubbers with high flexural strength.
Moulding We produce a fast and slow version of each grade. Our ‘fast’ range of urethane rubbers are ideal for rapid moulding.
Casting Because of the properties of our urethanes, they are used in the casting of concrete and plaster products.
Gel Times We developed a range of rubber with a longer gel time, allowing time to vacuum the rubber and pouring of much larger moulds.   More...

Clear Casting Resin

REP Industrial Materials Ltd

Clear-eCast X016
Epoxy, water clear casting resin 3min gel, cure time see TDS.

Clear-eCast X082
Epoxy, water clear casting resin 3hour gel, cure time varies with heat.

Crystal-Cast R300
Polyurethane, water clear casting resin, see TDS for all cure times available.

REP-Cast PE7
Polyester, clear casting resin, Cured with MEKP Catalyst.


REP Industrial Materials Ltd

MEKP Catalyst
No information


Toy Safe

Our range of resins are all Mercury & Phthalates free so they are oy Safe.

Pre Coloured

All resins are able to be cast in the thinnest sections as as they have a built in flexibility to prevent breakage during play and transport. We have pre-coloured our resins ‘grey’ to show the intricate design details and to keep the product a constant colour.

Casting Machines

All resins are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and have been formulated to accept common paint systems. These resins are able to be used with vacuum and pressure casting techniques. Our range of resins are produced so that there is no sediment or particulates so they can be run through casting machines with the most sensitive geared pumps. The resins are all low viscosity casting resin.

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